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Hinkiepunk's Icons

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*to pretify!*

This is the icon journal of hinkiepunk and just a place where I can keep them all together without cluttering up my normal journal.

The icons that I make will cover a wide range of my personal fandoms. To get some idea of what you can potentially expect check out the interests over on my main journal. The interests on this journal will be updated when I actually make those icons :) I can tell you now though that quite a lot of them will be Harry Potter related!

All icons posted here are free to be taken, just make sure you follow the rules below.


---// comments:
Are always appreciated, even if you're not taking any icons.

---//credit: If you take any please credit either hinkiepunk or hinkicons. Using keywords is a good way, or on your info or resources section.

---//on linking: DON'T direct/hotlink to these icons. I have a premium Photobucket account, which means I pay for it and I don't appreciate freeriders. You can get a free Photobucket account which will be more than adequate for icon hosting needs.

---//on textless icons: These aren't bases, so not free for you to customise. If you really want to though you can always ask :)



---// awards:
Just starting out exploring icontests and whatnot, this is what I've won so far. If you see so fit as to nominate me for anything I'm certainly not going to object, though it'd be nice to point me in the general direction if you do!

---//resources: There's a link inside this journal, and also my personal one, to my resource/credits post - or you can jump straight to it.

---//on this community: This is a closed community which means no-one can join per se. Feel free to add it to your friends list though and watch the place as I usually post things here before posting in any icon communities.